We have three different scholarships available for members of the bleeding disorders community.

  • Will and Gloria Curtis Scholarship Fund for Persons With Bleeding Disorders
  • Jim Carey Scholarship Fund for Children of Those With Bleeding Disorders
  • Jill Wayne, RN Scholarship Fund for Students Studying Nursing

Will and Gloria Curtis Scholarship Fund for Persons With Bleeding Disorders

The scholarship is intended to help those with bleeding disorders to fulfill their greatest potential.

Will Curtis

Will and Gloria Curtis are giants in the Central California Hemophilia Foundation (CCHF). While raising two children, one with severe hemophilia, Will founded the CCHF with all the legal issues that it entailed—writing by-laws, applying to the State of California to be a non-profit, and the Federal Government for Tax ID status. He has served as president and worked hard to raise funds and that is where Gloria came into the picture.

Gloria Curtis

Gloria sold tickets to all the fundraising dinners and brought a good portion of West Sacramento to our events. There was also a time when families had to replace blood for the factor their children used. Will started the Blood Run, an avid runner himself he planned and put on a Blood Run every year for several years. Participants would pledge to donate a pint of blood as part of their entry.

When issues affecting the community came to Will’s attention, he was a quiet supporter of doing the right thing to help all the people with bleeding disorders thrive. Their children, Randy and Susan, continue to support CCHF. The Will and Gloria Curtis Scholarship is named after this dedicated couple to honor all their contributions to CCHF.

Jim Carey Scholarship Fund for Children of Those With Bleeding Disorders

The Jim Carey Scholarship Fund was established to honor one of CCHF’s founders and his contribution to the hemophilia community.

Jim Carey

Jim was born on October 22, 1940, the youngest of three sons born to Alice and Ray Carey in Detroit, Michigan. When he was less than a year old when his family moved to California and he grew up primarily in Berkley, Oakland and surrounding areas. 

Like his older brothers, Donny and Bobby, Jim was born with hemophilia. Eventually, they learned it was hemophilia B or Factor 9 deficiency, but when they were young it was only treated with whole blood or plasma transfusions. Sadly, both his brothers died of complications from their bleeding disorders when they were still young.

He moved to Sacramento in September of 1970 with his two young children—Donny and Beth—to accept a new position as controller of the California Livestock Exchange. He married Artie Taber on June 25, 1972 and they added Lynne to their family on October 1975. 

Jim Carey and his family

He was quickly recruited by Will Curtis and Dr. Charles Abildgaard to join the Board of the newly formed Central California Hemophilia Foundation (CCHF) and faithfully served as treasurer for many years from 1971 to shortly before he died in 1994, with shorter periods when he also served as Board President and testified at the State Capitol on efforts to allow blood donors to claim an income tax deduction – at that time, patients with bleeding disorders had to recruit blood donors to donate on their behalf so they would have credits at the blood bank toward the blood products they needed for their treatment.

Unlike children with bleeding disorders today, it wasn’t until 1977 that Jim was able to learn how to infuse at home for self-treatment, but it was life-changing when he finally was able to manage his treatment at home. His personal experiences made him resolute in his commitment for others impacted by bleeding disorders and he was known as a steady and thoughtful friend by his colleagues on the board, who could also lighten the mood with his sense of humor.

Like so many of his generation, the revolutionary and life-sustaining clotting factor which extended his life, eventually took it when he contracted Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS from the blood products he needed to treat his hemophilia. He died in September 1994 – he always felt it was important that CCHF supported not just people with bleeding disorders but the whole family – including siblings and children of those impacted and therefore the Jim Carey scholarship was established for the children of people with bleeding disorders.

Jill Wayne, RN Scholarship Fund for Students Studying Nursing

The Jill Wayne Scholarship Fund was established to honor a member of CCHF and her contributions to the hemophilia community.

Jill Wayne was a home healthcare nurse working primarily in the Chico area but dedicated to her patients in all areas of Central California.  She visited patients with bleeding disorders to teach children and parents to infuse their factor. It was the wish of Jill, her husband—Jim—and her family that a scholarship be established in her name to help students who have a bleeding disorder or those in their immediate family who are enrolled in a certified Registered Nurse program. 

We accept scholarship applications every January and February. Scholarships are awarded in April and May.

Download the application below and email the completed form to info@cchfsac.org.